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David Brider [userpic]

That meme thing.

October 29th, 2013 (07:27 am)

Might try to do a few of these at once, as I get back into some kind of normality.

Day 9: What are your worst habits?
Erm. Well. I still pick my nose. Is that bad enough for you?

Day 10: What's your best physical feature?
I don't really think I have any physical features that are either outstandingly good or (being overweight aside) outstandingly bad. That said, I think my face is reasonably pleasant. And I probably have nice eyes.

Day 11: List 15 of your favourite things.

  • huntingospray
  • Doctor Who
  • God/Jesus/etc.
  • My family
  • My friends
  • Pet Shop Boys
  • Music in general
  • The works of Kate Griffin
  • The works of Douglas Adams
  • Science fiction in general
  • Although less keen on fantasy, I have a soft spot for The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.
  • Bit of a guilty pleasure, but, the works of Clive Cussler (exciting adventures, but the dialogue is often appallingly unrealistic...
  • The works of Tom Sharpe
  • Comedy in general - there's nothing I like more than whiling away a few hours listening to episodes of I'm Sorry, I Haven't A Clue or Cabin Pressure or watching Mock the Week or Have I Got News for You
  • Driving. Being able to drive is one of the most liberating experiences imaginable. Such a relief not to be reliant on public transport, or on other people to give me lifts.


Posted by: Stacey (geekslave)
Posted at: October 29th, 2013 02:57 pm (UTC)
merlin cradles arthur's head

*quietly* I pick my nose, too. Sometimes there just isn't another option.


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