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Saturday's Doctor Who

There are some nice piccies here. They look like they're officially-released promo pics, so I'd hesitate to call them spoilery, but...YMMV.

And - referring to an aspect of the episode that has made itself known on the front cover of the Radio Times and in the trailers, so it really doesn't count as spoilery...

...if, at any point in the episode, anybody delivers the line, "and I turned around andthey were all wearing eyepatches," what's the chances of approximately all of fandom going into some sort of geekgasmic meltdown? After Gareth Roberts casually throwing the line, "you've had this place redecorated...I don't like it," into Closing Time, I'd say anything's possible...

ETA: Oh yeah, has anyone read the Radio Times article? Even Arthur Darvill agrees that there should be a Rory action figure!!! And from the fact that that's the section of the article that's been pulled out and printed in large type at the top (there's a word for when that happens, but I forget what it's called), maybe the Radio Times does too? Oh, and apparently, he's been measured or scanned or whatever for having a figure made. So...don't make me ranty, Character Options. You wouldn't like me when I'm ranty...

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