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This journal has been placed in memorial status. New entries cannot be posted to it.

That makes me feel happier. :-)

So, after a week of mostly shite stuff - my accident in Swanage coming so soon after the trapped nerve thingy, Sarah's ongoing health issues and financial issues, one LJ friend of mine losing her brother and another friend discovering she's losing her job after the end of this month - this week has been a bit better. Yesterday we were down in Chelmsford for funtiemz celebrating my mum's, erm [does maths] 68th and my niece's 3rd birthdays at the local Toby*, and today I woke up, logged into LJ, and discovered that an LJ friend of mine and her fiancée are going to be parents! So right now I'm sort of full of squishy happy feelings.

I'm also making a decision - I'm going to be organised. From now on. Yes. And I'm going to at least try to take my health issues seriously.

*Minor rant - why is it that after I leave Chelmsford they get a Toby and a Nando's? Talk about rotten timing!


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