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And now that I'm wide awake..?

I'm not sure if I was dead tired when I had this idea, or possibly asleep and dreaming. It certainly seems like less of a wonderful idea in the cold hard light of day. But anyway. I was thinking, I'd like to see Gene Hunt facing off against...well, someone played by Mark Sheppard, along the lines of shouty angry Crowley from Supernatural. I'm not sure why, I just thought it would work. I know, there isn't going to be any more LoM/A2A officially, but maybe it could be some sort of Children in Need special?

Like I said, it seemed like a better idea when I first had it.

Also I'd quite like to do a vid of Castiel set to Viva la Vida, probably the Pet Shop Boys' cover version. When I first heard it, the line, "for some reason I can't explain/I know St. Peter won't call my name" made me think of Cas, and listening to it again yesterday it seems even more appropriate in the light of more recent developments...

But then I've lost count of the number of fanvids I'd quite like to do...if I could actually start (and finish) a couple of them....
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