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This is an unusual feeling.

The last few days at work have been really good, pleasantly productive - getting a lot of stuff out of the way. There's still a lot to be done, but I feel like I'm making progress. Also, last night at work was productive - got home, did some washing and tidying up, then had time to cook and eat a proper meal instead of resorting to ordering in a pizza or just nibbling.

Also I watched the latest episode of Misfits, which I enjoyed - even though the "Previously on..." segment served to remind me that...well, so far, my Misfits watching has been a bit haphazard, consisting of the first four episodes of series 2, followed by all of series 1, followed by episode 1 of series 3. Help. I'm confused. Who are these people in orange? :-)

I'm still a few episodes of Merlin behind - ought to catch up with that at some point - but I suspect tonight I'll watch Ringer.

But in general, I'm feeling pretty chipper. I think it helps that I'm not having as many munchies as usual - the occasional trip to the food machine at work, but not the usual getting loads of stuff from Tesco on the way in. And in general, sticking to three proper meals a day. That's probably helping, and it's kind of offsetting the seasonal malaise brought about by the clocks going back. Tonight, I'm treating myself to roast chicken. Well, roast chicken breasts, at any rate, with roast potatoes (of the Aunt Bessie's variety), peas and loads of nommy gravy.

On the negative side, as we're getting back into a routine after several weeks in which illness and/or holidays have been the dominant feature of chez Brider, tonight Sarah is taking her weekly stopover at her mum's, so I'll miss her. :-( But I'll see her tomorrow, which'll be good. :-)

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