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Spent an enjoyable weekend down in Bournemouth with cu_sith. Plans for something of a vaguely firework nature came to nought, but never mind - there's always next year.

Plans for a bit of a Colin Baker=a=thon also didn't quite work out, but hey, we watched Timelash and you can't say fairer than that. We watched whilst mercilessly ripping the wotsits out of it. *g*

We also watched Leverage - The King George Job, which I'd not seen before (I've still not seen the second half of season 3, and all of season 4. This has given me a Plan for the weekend...).

I was introduced to Think the Unthinkable and Cabin Pressure. About the latter, all I can say is a radio sitcom! Starring Benedict Cumberbatch! Of which there may well be a fourth series! Sorry, I may be getting slightly enthusiastic there. But anyway, if there's a fourth series I may well be trying to get tickets...

Other things I was introduced to included Pansy Division, the concept of Queercore, Clients from Hell, and this piece of Eddie Izzard talking sense:

(Or, repeating what I'd just said several years before I said it. Erm.)

But the important thing was, we went to Bournemouth Oceanarium. I've been wanting to go to an aquarium for a while, and wanted to go when Sarah and I were in the Lakes but we never got round to it. But anyway. Saw lots of amazing creatures, but my favourite bit was seeing otters being fed. They were lovely and cute and had this thing of sitting up and begging iike dogs and making mewling sounds like cats. So sweet.

There's a competition to name the otters. One is a girl otter and the other is a boy otter. I decided that "Amy Pond Otter" and "Rory Pond Otter" would be good names. I also bought a little cuddly toy otter (as I doubt that Sarah would let us have an actual real otter), which at cu_sith's suggestion is called Melody Pond (her cuddly toy tortoise is called Timesplash. Or it could be a turtle.). If I win the competition, I will squee a bit.

Pictures. Cut for size.Collapse )

So yeah, a good weekend. Now, time for bed.

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