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Three things

Watching tonight's HIGNFY and thinking that guest host Dan Stevens kind of vaguely reminds me of Benedict Cumberbatch. (Apparently he's in Downton Abbey, which I never watch. Stevens, that is, not Cumberbatch.)


I just love the idea of a man chasing Benton through Richmond Park. Especially as it turns out that Benton's real name is Fenton, which we all know is Sergeant Benton's first name. Now, if it turns out the man's name is Mike Yates, that's got to be an extra on Invasion of the Dinosaurs...

(Not saying I ship Yates/Benton, but...)


Watching this week's Frozen Planet earlier with Sarah, I was slightly distracted by David Attenborough talking about Wolverine. But these were wolf-like animals and didn't appear to have adamantine claws. So confusing. I wouldn't mind, X-Men isn't even my fandom and it's screwing with my head...

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