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Where Doctor Who meets Ken Russell.

...sort of retrospectively, anyway.

Yesterday I started another attempt at my "watching all of Doctor Who in order from beginning to end" thing. Whether I'll succeed or not, who knows, but I got through the whole of Serial A (I refuse to call the whole lot An Unearthly Child), and the thought kind of occurred to me that the Kal/Za fight at the end...it's the Alan Bates/Oliver Reed naked wrestling scene from Women in Love, basically. Okay, Derek Newark and Jeremy Young are wearing slightly more clothes, but apart from that, there seems to be a lot in common in terms of the way it's choreographed, and similar lighting coming from the fire in both scenes. I'd be genuinely interested to know if Ken Russell had seen the Doctor Who serial and took any inspiration from it.

And then I heard on the news this morning that Ken Russell had died. Which kind of surprised me, although I don't know why.
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