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For the last few weeks...

...sort of just before the end of series 10, I've been vaguely watching Spooks from the start. Nearly at the end of series 4 (and IIRC, I originally started watching with series 5). Vague thoughts...

1.) Not quite sure about Tom Quinn. I want to like him, but he seems rather dull. Possibly because Matthew McFadyen seems to play him almost devoid of emotional expression. But I like his closing arc.

2.) OTOH, love Keeley Hawes, both as an actress (I want to rewatch Ashes to Ashes now) and what she brings to her character in Spooks.

3.) Also adoring Rupert Penry-Jones. Who really really ought to get a chance to play Bond. Or Doctor Who. Or be in Doctor Who.

4.) I'd forgotten how pretty Miranda Raison is. I'm not shallow, honestly.

5.) As IT geeks go, I prefer Colin to Malcolm.

6.) I'm vaguely trying to work out when it went from telling gripping tales of domestic espionage to Bond on a BBC/Kudos budget. Not that the latter is necessarily a bad thing, but...

7.) ...I think it may have coincided with the point when "what does an MI5 agent have to do to get fired?" became a regular trope. Somewhere around the start of series 4...

8.) I still love it, but I definitely think it started out much better than it became by series 10.


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