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In the words of Victor Meldrew...

I don't be-flipping-lieve it.

Okay, that's a paraphrase rather than a direct quote, but...

Looks like the rumour I read on Twitter was true. Because of certain comments Jeremy Clarkson made on last week's The One Show - comments which were taken out of context in a media frenzy - last night's scheduled QI was pulled in favour of a repeat of the first ep of the latest series.

What the cheesy wotsit?

I mean, okay, as jokes go, it was in bad taste, but this is Clarkson. Bad taste jokes is What He Does. Offence was taken, he (and/or the BBC) have apologised...shouldn't that be the end of it?

And if they must pull an episode of QI, couldn't they replace it with one we haven't seen yet? Tch.

(And as Paul Sinha said on last night's The Now Show, Clarkson once punched Piers Morgan. Surely for that he deserves several second chances..?)

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