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*That's* not good...

...up until, ooh, half an hour ago, I was feeling all chipper and full of beans and ready to face the world. However, my get up and go has, to nick a phrase, got up and gone. I think my body has finally got to the point where it accepts that pretty much all the things I actually need to do in advance of the festive period, I have now done, and it wants me to hibernate. Trouble is, I've still got 1½ days at work left, so I can't hibernate.

Blast it.

Still, could be worse. My depression hasn't reared its ugly little head lately, and the toothache's gone. And things with me and Sarah couldn't be better, and we'll be seeing family and friends over the next few days.

Always look on the bright side. That's not just a Python-ism...

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