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Sweet dreams. Or not.

Those you who follow me on Facebook will be aware that the other night I had a dream. I sadly don't remember much of it now, except some of the imagery which was rather memorable, but I remember thinking at the time that it would make a great science fiction novel. Sadly, I took no notes about it, and now have forgotten most of the "plot," so to speak. Rabbits.

Last night I had another, very different, dream. In this I was attempting to restore a friendship which had gone belly up. This has happened to a few of my friendships over the years, normally involving people on whom I've had Inappropriate Crushes, and their friends. Indeed, this dream was specifically about a friend of someone on whom I'd had an Inappropriate Crush (but not the IC themselves). Mentioning no names, as they say. It seemed very much...I don't know, I just want to say "emblematic of my life," which is probably a.) terribly pretentious and b.) doesn't mean exactly what I want to say, but it's the phrase that springs to mind.

Quite frankly, I really think that if a person feels the need to get deeply deeply unpleasant towards me just because I've had an Inappropriate Crush on them, or on a friend of theirs, then my friendship with them probably wasn't actually worth anything and I'm better off not bothering about them and definitely better off not letting their unpleasantness upset me. I think maybe this coming year should be a year of actually learning to Let Go. Sarah is absolutely a wonderful person, and I have many many other wonderful friends and a great family, and I think it's time to enjoy the present and live for the future, rather than getting upset by the past.


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