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OCD much?

Currently sorting out our DVDs (and Blu-Rays) into alphabetical order, and keeping the boxed sets separate for a special DVD boxed set shelf which we're going to build later in the year (I can't believe I'm actually suggesting DIY projects. I don't even know if I'll be any good at it...). I'm halfway through the alphabet and quite pleased with the way things are going.

I do, though, have a niggle. Could the people who release epic blockbuster sagas on Blu-Ray carry over the special features from the DVD releases? Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, I'm looking at you in particular. I really can't believe that the marvellous Empire of Dreams documentary from the original trilogy DVD release didn't make it to Blu-Ray, as that's a beauty.

One thing, though, that does make me possibly slightly happier than it ought is the serendipity that means Contact has ended up next to Cosmos. :-) If we ever buy anything that fits between those two, I may have to whimper a bit. Or just cheat...

Another niggle is that - less than a week after reporting it lost and ordering a replacement - Sarah has found her passport. It was, randomly, underneath the Castrovalva DVD. If I'd known she hadn't looked underneath it (it was a pile of DVDs she had stacked up in the bedroom to watch on her laptop up there), I'd have suggested she do so. Oh well...

By the way, with Titanic and all six Star Wars films to be re-released post-converted to 3D*, and The Hobbit AIUI being made in 3D as well, what does everyone else reckon to the chances of The Lord of the Rings being one of the next in line? And with Rob Zemeckis having used 3D in Polar Express, how about the Back to the Future films? Part of me was very dubious about the post-conversion process, but the buzz about Titanic suggests that Cameron's done a good job on it, and the Phantom Menace trailer we saw (when we were watching Tintin) looked pretty impressive.


*At least I assume they're all being post-converted, although the amount of green screen over CGI backgrounds that was employed in the prequel trilogy means that AIUI re-rendering in 3D woud be an option. Someone suggested it might be more costly than post-conversion, but this is George Lucas, I assume he can afford it..>

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