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So, American TV...

Fringe is back on January 13th.

Chuck hasn't actually stopped broadcasting over the festive break.

Supernatural is back this Friday - yay!

Ringer isn't back until January 31st. What? Mmph.

ISTR there are a few episodes of Fringe, Supernatural and Ringer that I haven't watched, and I'm stupidly behind with Chuck (sort of mid season 4). It'll be nice to get back into watching some of them - I looked at the Sky+ schedule this morning, and there appears to be hardly anything of the regular programmes I follow coming up - all seem to have finished around Christmas. Although there's still the The Immortal Bard episode of QI coming up, as well as (I notice) an extended version of the HIGNFY end of series clips show, which seems...rather pointless. And there's Sherlock too. And I'll stick with The Royal Bodyguard to give it a chance...

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