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Diddly dum, diddly dum, diddly dum, diddly diddly...

I've just been reminded that later this month, the first of Big Finish's Tom Baker Doctor Who stories, Destination Nerva is released. There's a preview podcast of it here. I've not listened to it yet, but...suffice it to say I'm a little bit excited. I don't often buy Big Finish stuff - I've nothing against them, but their output is rather too much for me to keep up with; I did start getting the Paul McGann ones, but sort of gave up before Charley and C'rizz left, and apart from them it's just been odd ones here and there. However, I've decided I'm going to be getting these ones. Sitting in the lounge, closing the curtains, pretending it's 1977 all over again. :-)

(And of course, Big Finish are trying to bankrupt me this year, what with their new Blake's 7 audios as well. Honestly. Moneygrabbing so-and-sos...)
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