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Is it just me, or...

...for one thing, kind of surprised by the lack of squee on my Flist about last night's We'll take Manhattan, the drama about the affair between Jean Shrimpton and David Bailey that starred Karen Gillan. Is all the post-show squee over on Twitter?

Admittedly, I've not watched it myself yet.

But. Here's the thing. Every time I read the name We'll take Manhattan it instantly makes me think of the song First we take Manhattan (written by Leonard Cohen, but originally recorded by Jennifer Warnes). Wikipedia doesn't suggest any connection (but then it doesn't yet have an article on the former anyway), so I was just wondering if anybody knows of any connection that might explain the similar names? Was it something Shrimpton or Bailey said that inspired Cohen in writing the song? Or is it just a massive coincidence?

Either way, it's a nice song to have going round your head first thing on a Friday morning. Here, have a video.


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