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...so, Sarah and I head out to Spain on Saturday for a week in the sun. Or more likely, a week in our apartment, because I really don't get on with the sun.

Have sort of decided to take my iPhone, but use it just as an iPod, not for websurfing or email or anything like that (when we were in America I made that mistake and got an astronomical bill when we got back home...not making that mistake again).

Am mulling about taking my laptop with me. Again, won't be using it for any websurfing (unless there is some nice cheap/free wi-fi where we're staying...which is always a possibility...but mainly so I can - maybe, possibly - do some writing. Either some fanfic, or one of the many novel/short story ideas I've had buzzing round my head for years. It'd be nice to just get one of them out of my system.

Or I could just take a pen and paper and write it the old fashioned way.

Or I could always take Wicked (which I've been reading since last September, on and off) and finally finish that.


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