David Brider (davidbrider) wrote,
David Brider


Noticed on Sunday that there are not one but two films coming out based on the Snow White story - one, Mirror Mirror, looks like being pretty good fun*; the other, Snow White and the Huntsman, looks like it could be an interestingly dark take on the story. Mind you, IIRC the original is pretty dark anyway.

In the immediate future I'm quite keen to see The Muppets (with Sarah) and The Woman in Black. That'll be without Sarah, who doesn't want to see it. If anyone would like to come and see it with me so I can hide behind them during the scary bits that would be cool. I shall, I suspect, be seeing it strictly during dayime hours.


*Sadly no relation to the Gregory Maguire novel of the same name. Mind you, I've been reading Wicked since last September and still haven't finished it yet...
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