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Writer's Block: Shaken, Not Stirred

Who is the best James Bond?

I have a soft spot for Timothy Dalton, and think it would have been nice if he'd done more. I'm also enjoying Daniel Craig's run - I think he's possibly the best actor to play Bond, which isn't quite the same thing, although I think my favourite would be one of those two.

Pierce Brosnan was good, I thought. I must admit, I don't really get hyper enthusiastic about either Connery or Moore. But then I don't actually mind George Lazenby (although it helps that, regardless of how good he was or wasn't, OHMSS is IMO one of the best films).

Of course, I could be a bit left field and suggest Barry Nelson, Bob Holness, Michael Jayston and Toby Stephens...but then that would lead to the confession that I've never actually seen/heard their Bonds (I'd actually quite like to get hold of copies of the Toby Stephens adaptations).

Erm. David Niven, anyone..?

I still maintain I'd love it if Big Finish did a series of audio adaptations.
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