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Writer's Block: Bookmarks

What is the last great book you read?

With the caveat that these days I'm not really reading anywhere near as much as I'd like to, the last book - or technically books - that made me sit up and go "wow" was R. J. Anderson's trilogy of faery novels, Knife, Rebel, and Arrow. I keep meaning to write a proper review of these books, but for the time being, I'll just say, go out and buy these books. If you're at all interested in fantasy fiction, you won't regret reading them. Yes, technically they're for "young adults," buy I read them when I was 41 and I loved them.

I'll also give a shoutout for Kate Griffin's Urban Magic books about Matthew Swift. There was a definite improvement between the first two (A Madness of Angels was enjoyable but slightly flawed, probably a 7 out of 10 - for me the weakness was that although the writing style was fascinating, the plot seemed to be structured rather like a video game, with an "end of level boss" to be defeated every so often), whilst The Midnight Mayor was a huge improvement, probably a 9 out of 10. I don't want to give a rating for The Neon Court, as I'm in the middle of it at the moment, but I'd say on the basis of what I've read so far, it seems to qualify as a great book for me...
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