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I am off later to have teeth removed. Seven of them. Long story. Basically, I've been spectacularly careless with the state of my teeth over the past 20 years. Well, before that, probably.

I'm not really nervous as such - I've asked to be put under a general anaesthetic, so it's not as if I'll be aware of what's happening. And to be honest, I've had a couple of really major bouts of toothache as a result of my dental problems over the past few months, so am quite keen to just get it out of the way, then get the remaining teeth properly cleaned, get dentures to replace the missing ones, and start taking care of my teeth properly.

Nevertheless, would appreciate prayers, hugs, and general good vibes.

Also, if anyone can negotiate me a decent rate with the tooth fairy? When I was younger I used to get 70p per tooth. Allowing for inflation, I should be quids in with this haul...

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