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File under, "Mm, potentially interesting"...

...if only because I was thinking a couple of weeks ago that this could happen - Gold have commissioned a new series of Yes, Minister. I just hope the sentence, "the new series will...focus on bungling Prime Minister Jim Hacker..." is just a bit of sloppy journalism rather than an indication that the new production will use exactly the same characters - that would be rather lazy, for a start, and also I'd hate to be the actor in the unfortunate position of filling Paul Eddington's or Nigel Hawthorne's shoes...

And there has to be a cameo of some kind of (or even a regular recurring role) for Derek Fowlds, right..?

Also, guests and hosts have been announced for the forthcoming series of HIGNFY. Nothing wildly groundbreaking, but Stephen Mangan's back. Which is nice.

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