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1. What book are you currently reading:
The diary of a Doctor Who addict by Paul Magrs, about a 12 year old boy called David in 1982 and his love of Doctor Who...hang on, Paul Magrs has stolen my life!

2. What is the last movie you watched?:
Erm...not sure, actually, as I'm more a TV person than a film person.

3. Three Favourite shows this tv season:
Ringer, Fringe, and...does Doctor Who count for "this season"?

4. Three least favourite shows this tv season:
I don't really do least favourites, although I didn't think much of the Julian Fellowes Titanic. But be fair, there's only been one episode of that so far. I like the fact that it's acquired the nickname "Drownton Abbey"...

5. Three Things you are looking forward to this year:
EasterCon, another holiday in Spain, and an LJ friend's wedding.

6. If you could be presented with any meal right now, what would you want?
One of my fish soups would be nice.

7. Four favourite Male Actors:
David Tennant, Jared Padelacki, John Simm. Matt Smith.

8. Four favourite female actress:
Charlotte Coleman, Jane Horrocks, Sophie Aldred, Jodie Foster.

9. What is one trait about yourself you like?:
My intelligence.

10. Best movie from the 80s:
Back to the Future.

11. Favourite flavour of ice cream:
When I can get it, lemon.

12. Least favourite food:
Onion and garlic. And I'm that fussy that most of the time when I see onion or garlic listed in the ingredients of something, I just won't buy it. I stopped eating Heinz tomato ketchup for many years for just that reason.

13. Least favourite and most favourite subject in school:
I didn't really have a favourite or a least favourite, they just all blurred into the general torture. I guess as I ended up studying it at university, theology is a bit of a favourite - but we didn't have that at school as such, just "Divinity". I think that was what it was called.

14. Were you in any clubs or sports teams in high school?:
There was a role-playing games club. But I didn't really do sports. It's never been my cup of tea.

15. Favourite band:
Pet Shop Boys.

16. Last CD you bought or last song you downloaded:
Ministry of Sound's Electronic '80s volume two. Some lovely nostalgic tracks from the '80s (well, duh...) there. And some I'd never heard of before such as White Horse (possibly the most WTF song I've heard in...well, ever) and Devo's not-bad-actually Jerkin' Back and Forth

17. Favourite activity:
Reading, listening to music, hanging around online, eating, sleeping, watching TV.

18. Favourite place you've visited:
Egypt, I think.

19. Fears?:
Spiders, rejection, loneliness.

20. Favourite chip flavour:
I presume this means "crisp", in which case Salt & Vinegar. Walkers Square Crisps S&V are particularly om nom nommy, IMO.

21. Someone hands you a plane ticket, where do you want to be going:
I'd happily go back to Egypt. Italy would also be cool.

22. What one thing have you had for a long time:
My teddy bear.

23. Favourite series when you were a teen:
Doctor Who. This should surprise nobody who knows me...

24. Tattoos...yay or nay?:
Well, I don't have any.

25. Last question: What are you going to do after this:
I should have a shower and get ready for work. I will probably hibernate for a while instead.

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