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Fuel woes...

So at about 10:30 last night, after I'd finished a fellowship group meeting at church, I was actually in a position of needing to fuel up, as the fuel gauge was in the red. I figured, as it's a fairly quiet area, the filling station down the road might not be terribly busy. No way - there was a massive queue there. To make matters worse, it was trailing back some way along the road approaching the filling station, along a road with one lane either side. The only way I could get back home was down the other side of the road, which all the cars who didn't want fuel were using to overtake! Sheesh...

Then when I'd queued for a while at Tesco only to find they'd run out, and gone to the local Shell to be similarly disappointed, I finally settled on the BP - there was a queue, but at least they still had diesel when I got to a pump. Good job too - the little indicator started beeping at me as I joined the queue to tell me "fuel too low." It's never got that low before.

I did, though, rather object to the impatient twonk behind me who, pretty much as soon as I'd got back in my car, started flashing me and tooting his horn. Good grief, man - give me a chance to put my seatbelt on and turn the key in the ignition, eh??!

Mind you, there were reports on the local radio about some people - grown, mature (theoretically) adults - fighting at the pumps. I despair of humankind sometimes, honestly I do...

Also, Sarah and I are meant to be going up to Sheffield this weekend to visit some friends of ours, but to be honest, if this chaos at the pumps continues we're rather loathe to do so - worst case scenario, we might end up with insufficient fuel to get home; at the very least we might be able to get home, but not have enough fuel for me to get to work and back next week if more filling stations run dry. And this is when the tanker drivers haven't even started a strike they might not go on anyway...

(People - if you don't actually need fuel, stay away from filling stations!!! It ain't rocket science.)

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