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People are being wrong on the internet.

It's frustrating.

Particularly frustrating is the fact that it's a bunch of people who are - as far as I can tell - Doctor Who fans, on the Facebook Doctor Who group's "Trivia Tuesday". About half of them (rough guess), faced with the question "What was the name of the episode that first aired today in 1965," are guessing at An Unearthly Child. Well actually a large number of them are guessing The Unearthly Child. Which is just...aaaarrrgggghhhh.

I mean, okay, I wouldn't be able to answer the question without looking it up (my initial guess was possibly episode 1 of The Chase*), but heck, I thought that the first thing you're taught on becoming a Doctor Who fan is that the first episode (i.e., An Unearthly Child) was shown on 23rd November 1963, the day after JFK was assassinated? Not 24th April 1965, the day after...erm...I'm not sure. No doubt something of historical significance happened 47 years and one day ago today, but I've no idea what it was.

(Admittedly, the second thing we used to be taught on becoming a Doctor Who fan was that the first episode was delayed by ten minutes because of news coverage of the assassination, and that "fact" has later been demonstrated to be a bit wrong.)


*Apparently it's episode 1 of The Space Museum, so I'm not doing too badly there - just one serial out...

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