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Yeah. Last week I was due to go to the hospital to have seven teeth removed.

Except it didn't happen. Got postponed a few days beforehand because my blood sugar was way too high. Through-the-roof high. Stratospheric. Which apparently is rather an issue when I'm wanting to be put under general anaesthetic.

I'm diabetic. I've known this for some years now, but...as in some other areas of my life, I'm not very good at taking care of myself. I've been on medication for it but haven't been taking it anywhere near as regularly as I ought, and my diet is not particularly controlled. I mean, I can't see myself ever 100% cutting out sugar, but I've had an unfortunate tendency to overeat precisely the sorts of things that aren't going to do me any good whatsoever - chocolate, sweets, cakes, biscuits, ribena, fizzy drinks...

That changes. Now. Well, technically last Tuesday, when I had an emergency appointment with the GP. I'm trying to cut down on the crap food (and managing, to some extent), taking the medication regularly (once at morning, once at night), monitoring my blood sugar levels (it's fluctuating a bit, but generally down on what it was last week, which is a step in the right direction).

Thankfully, huntingospray is wonderfully supportive, as are the rest of my family. I really would appreciate help and support from any of my friends whenever I meet you. So...if I'm tempted to have a strawberry sundae for dessert (or indeed, tempted to have a dessert), please tell me no. If I'm tempted to go to that lovely sweet shop in Bournemouth, don't be afraid to stop me. If I'm staying away from home (and/or Sarah), gently asking if I've taken that day's medication would be a great thing. If you're the praying type, saying a few words in the direction of your deity of choice would be appreciated.

And hopefully in the not too distant future the dental appointment will be re-scheduled, and I'll have things more under control.

Thanks. I think that's all I need to say for the time being.
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