David Brider (davidbrider) wrote,
David Brider

Out of curiousity...

...has anyone else been watching The Bridge? I just watched the first episode (so if you're up to speed with all four episodes that the BBC has shown, please no spoilers!); it's the first of the BBC4 Scandinavian dramas that I've watched (although I've got The Killing and Borgen waiting to be watched), and so far I'm finding it pretty intriguing stuff; certainly the central mystery is rather arresting, although I was kind of struggling to understand the relevance of a couple of subplots (no doubt all will be made clear - I believe this is a 10-parter).

Hopefully will be watching episode 2 tomorrow, but for now - with a little note to the effect that this has been a good evening, and indeed a good day generally - I'm off to bed.
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