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Who knew?

Apparently yesterday was world goth day. I celebrated by...well, actually I didn't, because I was hibernating as a result of a more serious than usual bout of depression. However, I shall probably celebrate today by listening to First and last and always dead loud in the car on the journey home.

Meanwhile, I'm having a vague wibble of being sure 23rd May should mean something to me, but not being sure what. I have a vague feeling that's happened before with this very same date. Maybe that's the significance - that I keep thinking it's important even though it isn't? Okay, that's getting horribly recursive. Stop it.

Tomorrow's Wesley Day, I know that much. Unfortunately I have no recordings of And can it be* that I can listen to dead loud in the car. But I could always play it on the nice church keyboard if we go to fellowship group meeting.**


*What? That's got an extra verse that I'm sure isn't in H&P or STF...

**Hang on, no, I can't, 'cos we're meeting in the old building that doesn't have the keyboards there any more. :-(

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