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I realise that, whilst I'm not exactly alone in this, I'm in a tiny minority, but I'll come out and say it: I find the whole Diamond Jubilee shenanigans boring, at best. It probably doesn't help that I'm not remotely patriotic - I actually find the overabundance of Union Jack flags flying around to be rather intimidating. (The use of the first person plural in regard to countries rather disturbs me too. What does it mean to say that a country is "ours"? The UK, despite being the country in which I live, doesn't feel like it's "mine" in any meaningful sense, and to talk in terms of "us" and "we" suggests a commonality between all the people who live in that particular country, a bond so to speak, which I don't honestly feel. It's kind of like an exclusive club to which I don't belong. Mind you, to which I don't really want to belong. I'm happier to belong to a club to which I've chosen to belong - be that the "sci-fi geekery club" or the "80s synthpop fans club" or the "Christianity club" - than a club in which I just happen to have fallen because of where I was born.)

Technically, I'm a republican (in the sense of "wanting to do away with the monarchy," not in the sense of supporting the right-wing American political party), but for all that, I don't really have anything personal against the Queen or against any other member of the royal family...it's just that I don't really feel that the Jubilee celebrations have anything particularly to do with me. It's not like it's a birthday party of a really close friend or a family member or loved one, it's just celebrating the anniversary of the ascent to the throne of someone I don't know personally, and who doesn't know me personally, and who doesn't have anything to do with my day to day life, for whom I didn't get a vote or any other say as to whether she should be in the position of power which she holds, and...yeah, I just don't understand the levels of sheer unbridled enthusiasm out there.

(I felt a bit like that at the death of Diana - yes, it was sad news, but the sheer level of public grief was something I couldn't relate to.)

And the thought has occurred to me that realistically, if Elizabeth makes it to 65 years on the throne (and I suspect that, given her mother's longevity, she's got a good few years left in her yet), the celebrations then - by which time she'll have become this country's longest serving monarch - will be utterly unbearable. Fortunately, I'm not alone in my unease about this weekend's celebrations, so I suspect that Sarah and I will be off to somewhere nice and quiet and peaceful where such celebrations will be but a distant speck on a TV screen...

Anyway, end of vague rambly rant. Normal service will be resumed. Expect to see my head on a spike at Traitor's Gate sometime soon, though. :-)

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