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...less than a week to go. I think I'm now officially allowed to be a wee bit excited about this.

Also, rather looking forward to this.

Also also, there is another photo of Mr. Smith and Miss Coleman. Looking good.

Also also also, the forthcoming Pet Shop Boys album has a title (Elysium, which sounds a bit leftfield for one of theirs), a broad release date (this September), and a track from it, Invisible has been put online. Listened to a bit of it yesterday, and it sounds pretty good.

Also also also also, today's in-car CD was Madonna's Like a Prayer album (my latest really really cheap Amazon marketplace thingy), and listening to songs like Till Death Do Us Part and realising that the album was released shortly after her divorce from Sean Penn (and written and recorded around the time of their break-up), which hadn't really occurred to me before, doesn't half make it all more personal.

This entry was going to just be about 11th Hour. Oh well...
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