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David Brider

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Just a quick note...

...to say that I'd really appreciate hugs, prayers, and general good vibes for huntingospray, who right now is sitting her OU exam for this year's course. (For some reason we're not sure of, she's sitting her at home.) She's pretty optimistic of a good result - she's had good marks in her TMAs and she's normally pretty okay at exams - but it would just be nice to know folks are thinking of her.

This is her penultimate year; she's actually had a break of a few years, what with her dad's death, our wedding and then our move of house - but she seems to be very solidly back in the swing of things, which makes me happy. She also gets on well with her tutor group (which meets in St. Albans), and indeed they had a trip to the British Museum together a while back. I think that was informal rather than part of the course.

Anyway, yeah.
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