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Odds and ends

Depression seems to be rearing its ugly head again. Nowhere near as bad as it has been in the past, but still upsetting and annoying, particularly as I've been pretty rigorous about taking my medication, so I don't know what specifically has triggered it this time. Hugs and kind thoughts and cute gifs always appreciated, folks.

Sarah's OU exam went well, she thinks, although she won't know for definite how she did until August. But she feels confident about it, which is good.

Off to the recording of the pilot episode of Resistance tonight, with Tim. Anybody who's in the London area and can make it to Broadcasting House by 5:30pm and is interested in a sci-fi sitcom starring Katherine Parkinson, Peter Davison and Alison Steadman, let me know as I've still got a couple of tickets spare.

Slightly disappointing note - apparently Alex Kingston has pulled out appearing at The 11th Hour at the last minute. Apparently she's done that at least twice lately. Shame, it would have been nice to meet her, but she wasn't a major reason for me wanting to go. Incidentally as Frances Barber is going to be there it's tempting to try to pick up a copy of Closer to Heaven on CD, but I'd need it to be delivered tomorrow without fail for me to take it to the convention and get it signed. Might be easier to get into the attic (or ask Sarah, who isn't scared of heights) and dig up the program for it. But then it's a case of, "well, which of these several dozen boxes might it be in?"

On which note, the BBC have released another photo (the third) of Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman. All things considered, I prefer the first one, but they're all rather good and just have me impatient for it to be "autumn" so we can see the seventh season, and indeed Christmas so we can see the new companion in action.

Speaking of autumn, that's when a Toby Carvery opens near us (as in about 5 minutes drive down the road; probably walkable if I really want the exercise). I always feel announcing something will happen in "autumn" (or indeed any other season) is a bit too vague, as I'm never sure what date that means. I tend to think of autumn as September - November, winter as December - February, spring as March - May, and summer as June - August, and most of them fit fairly well, but it's all a bit vague. Why can't people be precise?

I keep thinking of work I can be doing at home tonight, and then realising that I'm not going to be at home tonight. Although I'm kind of looking forward to seeing this show, part of me I think would rather not bother...

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