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Writer's Block: Historical Romantic Mystery Thriller

What genre of books are you most drawn to? Do you stick mostly to one type of book with your reading, or do you like to mix it up?

As far as fiction is concerned, there's a whole shelf unit and a bit dedicated to Doctor Who novelisations, New Adventures, Missing Adventures, Eighth Doctor Adventures, Past Doctor Adventures, and a few Ninth Doctor Adventures, plus several shelves of factual/analytical books related to Doctor Who. I don't think that counts as a genre per se, but that certainly gives a pretty good guide to where my interests lie. Apart from that, in terms of fiction at least, our library I think is predominantly science fiction and fantasy (I tend to favour sci-fi, but there's probably more fantasy on the shelves, particularly with Sarah's Wheel of Time collection and our mutual stock of Terry Pratchett), as well as a hefty load of Clive Cussler and James Bond novels (so, action adventure/thriller, I guess) and some comedy (chiefly Tom Sharpe). That, I think, is a pretty good description of my reading interests. At some point, I'd like to check out some of Sarah's history books, but I have enough in my reading list to be getting on with.
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