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Avengers fic.

As in "American superheroes," not as in "John Steed and Tara King." Always worth specifying, even though it's the former that apparently has been breaking AO3 recently.

Anyway, this has to be read for the title alone (who can resist a fic called Stark, A.E., and Banner, R. Bruce. (2013). "Biodosimetric Tools for Measuring Induced Isomeric Transition in Inverted Paired States." International Journal of Radiation Biology 89.9, 43-85?). It's very heavy on the Tony/Bruce (which is as it should be) and Tony/Hulk (which is okay), and I would recommend not reading if you don't like the idea of hot man/man sex. Or indeed hot man/enormous green rage-monster sex.

Sarah - are you paying attention?
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