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Addendum to this morning's post...

Have now had stuff scribbled on by both Matt Smith and Stuart Milligan. Both absolute gents! Matt listened to me gush lots about how wonderful I think he is in Doctor Who, and I also wished him a long and successful time in Doctor Who and - when he eventually decides to hang up his fez and bow tie - a long and successful career afterwards; and I asked if he'd send fandom's best wishes on to Jenna (I don't know if I speak for all of fandom on that one, but I'm sure I speak for a large chunk of it); Stuart listened to me gush loads about Jonathan Creek - as I've said elsewhere, and said to him, it really is one of those marvellous programmes where, even though I know what's happening, I still enjoy re-watching it, and despite having the DVDs if I'm flicking through the digisatcable channels on a Saturday night and find it on one of them, I'll watch it. Sadly, Stuart thinks more episodes are unlikely, but he did say that if David Renwick wants to write more, he and Alan are more than happy to do them.

I now feel, in the words of Arthur Dent, like a military academy (bits of me keep passing out) and am going to nap for a while.

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