David Brider (davidbrider) wrote,
David Brider

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So...pics from 11th Hour

Me with Frances Barber. Decided as I was meeting Billie Trix from Closer to Heaven that I'd wear my PSB t-shirt today. Don't think much of the look on my face, though, and oh dear, my pants are showing. Whoops.

Me with the utterly gorgeous Catrin Stewart and the utterly gorgeous Neve McIntosh. Yay! And I'm even smiling reasonably nicely in this one.

Me with Mark Sheppard. Not sure what my face is doing in this one, but hey, it's Mr. Sheppard.

And saving the best until last, me with Lord Matt of Smith. I've met him! And he was wonderful! *bounce* *bounce* *squee*

A good time was had, but now I've got to get packed, have breakfast, and head to work. Cue post-con blues in three hours... :-/
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