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Writer's Block: Can't Wait

What is the best moment of your day -- what do you look forward to the most?

There's no particular moment, but...getting home from work - that moment when I've parked the car outside the house, then open the car door and breathe in the what-passes-for-fresh-air-in-Hemel-Hempstead before getting my bag and letting myself into the house; chilling out eating dinner whilst watching something good on the telly (usually from a DVD); Sarah arriving and us having some form of cuddle ('cos cuddles are awesome, officially); some achievement or something - be it washing up, tidying up, getting some clothes washed, maybe doing a bit of writing or reading or importing some video or audio into the computer and getting it cleaned up and processed; and also if stuff's arrived from Amazon, that's always enjoyable; and hanging out on LJ and other online fora and chatting virtually with friends.

Yeah, all of the above.
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