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...not sure why I just posted this straight to Facebook instead of posting it here and letting it crossover, but anyway:

Ooh! Still no official confirmation of the air date yet (although with the first episode getting, apparently, a preview at the Edinburgh TV festival or somesuch in mid-August, late August or early September does seem likely, but we now have an official title for the first episode - Asylum of the Daleks. Sounds...suitably intriguing.

Of course, with the first half of the season being a mere five episodes - and that takes in the rest of Rory and Amy's time on the TARDIS - it'll be over depressingly soon. But possibly before Sarah and I head off to Spain, so every cloud has a strontium lining.

In other news - met up with m'former housemate Tim, his brother Ben, and Ben's lady friend whose name I will admit to not knowing, last night, to go and see the fabulously funny Dave Gorman at the Alban Arena. Also was highly impressed by the support act, one Mr. Jay Foreman, a singer of humourous songs armed with a guitar, a pretty darned good singing voice, a dry wit and sometimes positively bizarre verging on sick humour. You can, should you be curious, buy his CD at a mere £6:50 (less if you actually see him live, but even so, a good deal). The song Little Japanese Baby absolutely killed me.

<checks online> Here you go:

In health related news, am still in a fair bit of pain following the dental surgery, and am keeping myself doped up to the eyeballs on Co-Codamol, which has the side effect of making me feel seriously drowsy (and at night, guaranteeing me a really good night's sleep). Spent today off work as a result. In my more conscious moments I've been ripping some CDs to iTunes. Also, started watching The Social Network. I'd forgotten that new-Spiderman is in that. Vaguely thinking I'd like to check out Good Will Hunting. Saw the trailer for that, and it looks really interesting. Debating whether to get the DVD cheap from Amazon, or download it from iTunes. Might go for the latter, as it's not desperately expensive.

Have finally upgraded my iPhone to a 4 at no extra cost, which is nice.

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