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So, I went to the dentist today. I apparently have gum infection. So on top of the Citalopram and Metformin which I'm taking anyway and the daily blood sugar test (although I sort of glitched on those for a few days after the op), the Co-codamol and Ibuprofen I'm taking to kill the pain from the op, and the regular salt water mouthwash, I've now got some antibiotics to take on a regular basis (three a day). And I'm still drowsy verging on totally sleepy from the co-codamol, so haven't been to work all week.

On the bright side, I'm hoping that within a few days the gum infection will cure up. You never know, by the weekend I might feel vaguely alive.

Oh, and that bit of jawbone poking through the gum will apparently sort itself out over time.

During my less languid moments, I've been re-watching The Social Network for no particular reason and enjoying it, and playing some Lego Star Wars. Which is enjoyable. And thinking it'd be fun to have a full Star Wars rematch at some point. And The Fight Club. And I've downloaded Good Will Hunting out of curiousity.

Want to get back to work and to being able to eat properly and living some sort of vaguely normal lifestyle.

Have discovered that I will have to abandon my plans for attending Pride as a result of a schedule clash. Which is a shame. Still, there's always next year. Or, indeed, Bournemouth.

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