David Brider (davidbrider) wrote,
David Brider

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Am in work today. Still feel a bit woozy from the meds, but felt okay to drive. Helps that I've stopped taking the co-codamol (I'll probably have some again over the weekend, but as it was zonking me out so effectively I think it makes more sense to stick to the ibuprofen and give myself a chance of doing a decent day's work).

Was slightly late getting in as I overslept a bit due to having a vague headache (which still doesn't seem to want me to shake it off. Annoying little so-and-so). Also seem to have mislaid my work swipe card. I know I had it last Wednesday, but it's somewhere missing in the mounds of unsorted stuff around the house. Had better find it this evening or I shall face stern looks from the people on the reception desk. :-/
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