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I just wanna be a winner.

So, Pet shop Boys have a new single out*, Winner. Some people are making an immediate Olympics connection, which as a non-sports fan didn't occur to me (heck, it hasn't even begun yet and the media overkill has me wishing it would hurry up and finish...) although the official art for the single obviously plays in to that. Reminds me of that thing a few years back where the English team lost a football tournament and the BBC put together a compilation of clips of their "best" moments edited together to PSBs' Numb. Aargh.

But the thought that immediately occurred to me was that it would really go down well at LGBTQ** Pride marches. In which respect, releasing it a few days ahead of London's event is definitely a piece of good timing.

Also, although it doesn't sound quite like a regular PSB song or a particularly strong single (the freebie song Invisible, released to the internet a few weeks back, is more my cup of tea), it reminds me pleasantly of their earlier songs Miracles and The Survivors.

*So far the song only, for download only. Physical CDs and other download bundles with extra tracks and remixes will be released in August. The album Elysium (which I think is possibly the most leftfield PSB album title I've heard) comes out in September.

**Actually, I prefer the acronyms "QUILTBAG" and "FABGLITTER," but a.) I can't remember what they actually stand for, and b.) more people know what "LGBTQ" means...

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