David Brider (davidbrider) wrote,
David Brider


...getting round to watching last week's Mock the Week. In fairness, the BBC finally got round to broadcasting it on Sunday, three days after it was due to go out. Something to do with overrunning tennis. Ah, takes me back to the "good" old days of Quantum Leap being pushed aside regularly to make way for snooker; although at least that tended to be scheduled. Hmm.

Anyway, yes. MtW. Am absolutely loving the way they're still riffing on the whole Monsoon Poultry Hospital thing. I suspect it will be this series' running gag. Which makes me happy.

But not as happy as the Monsoon Poultry Hospital webpage. Or the Monsoon Poultry Hospital Facebook page. Or the fact that Morag the Nurse is on Twitter.

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