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...Sarah is down in Exeter tonight for work. She travelled down there today after the day in the office, then she's training some folk tomorrow, and back ultra-late tomorrow night (as in, "don't wait up" sort of late).

I'll see her briefly Friday morning and evening (the latter hadn't been planned, but...), and then she's going up to Birmingham for Auto Assembly. She had been going straight from work by train, but I suggested it might make more sense to drive - hence me seeing her on Friday evening, as she has to come home to collect the car from me.

But basically that means I'm seeing her precious little over the next five days. So last night we went here for a meal together, only to discover it was closed for refurbishment. D'oh!

That aside...am being reminded of people from the past who've upset me, and trying to be strong about it but it ain't easy; am gradually getting nearer to replacing my entire audio tape collection with CDs, which is a source of much "yay" ness; and - as it inevitably must - the Key to Time watch has reached The Power of Kroll. On the one hand, I've enjoyed the whole lot so far, and also I know I've watched TPoK at least twice without losing the will to live (although the first time I was 8, which may not count), and anyway my philosophy about Doctor Who in general is that even at its worst it's good entertaining fun, but, y'know, this isn't exactly a serial with the bestest of reputations.

Oh well. It's only four episodes...

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