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Naming issues

So, was trying to come up with a name for a group to feature in a fic/story/who-knows-possibly-a-novel I'm vaguely working on. Decidedly non-governmental group who are nabbing bits of extra-terrestrial tech to make sure nobody else gets their hands in them. Of course, I suspect that if such a group really existed, they'd be too ultra-secretive to have a name, but dramatically it feels right that they have one (just as Bond has SPECTRE and the Doctor has Torchwood, etc...), so...

...I did some very minimal thinking and came up with "Shadow Ops Division.". And then realised that no group really wants a name that abbreviates to SOD. I toyed with "Shadow Ops Group," but I'm not sure that SOG is much better (sounds damp). (Dark Ops Group abbreviates to DOG, also less than desirable; Dark Ops Division is DOD, which sounds too much like a seventies kids' cartoon, and anyway I'm a firm believer in the notion that everyone is the hero of their own story, so actually I don't think "Dark" necessarily captures the right tone...)

It took not much more thinking to realise that taking what the group does literally one could call them the British Undercover Group Gathering Extraterrestrial Relics, but I'm not sure a group called BUGGER is entirely appropriate in a fairly straight sci-fi book, especially one that's at least nominally a kids' book... *g* *ahem* I still like it and might use it in another book...

The quest for a name for the group continues... :-)

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