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Okay, here's the thing...

...in my book collection, I've got this:

It's, um, not strictly mine, it's technically my mum's, but I seem to have, I think the phrase is "prematurely inherited" it. Potayto, Potahto.

Anyway, the thing is - I know I've got some very intelligent and knowledgeable friends out there, and who knows, they may be intelligent and knowledgeable enough to solve this riddle* for us, although if not, never mind.

Here's the first page:

So...obviously, my mum (whose name and address can be seen at the top) wasn't the first owner of the book. And obviously the quality - what with the fading, my mum having written her name and address, and the scribble part way down the page - isn't great, nobody's ever going to call it mint or near mint, and to be honest that's not really the point 'cos (unless it's worth, like, millions, I'm not about to sell it), but...

Is that really Enid Blyton's signature?

I mean, it looks like it, compared to the printed signature that appears on the front of many editions of her books, buy then...I've got at least one book (the Target paperback of Destiny of the Daleks) that I've scribbled Tom Baker's name on, and it looks a bit like genuine signatures of his that I've got, but I know he didn't sign that.

Anybody know if it's the real deal?

If it is, then it can justifiably join this page.

* What has it got in its pocketses? Thief! Thief! Baggins! We hates it!**

** Oh, hang on, sorry, wrong fandom...

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