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On the strict understanding...

...that technically it's not over yet, this has been a pretty good weekend.

Yesterday Sarah's mum came over and went with Sarah up to Ikea (our local one is Milton Keynes, which seems wrong, although fair enough there aren't many branches), to buy a table, take it back to her home, and set it up. Meanwhile, I spent the day doing lots of tidying, hoovering, washing up, clothes washing, and reading. I'm really happy that I've got my bedroom floor cleared and hoovered (yes, Sarah and I have separate bedrooms; it's just a practical issue - the main bed, despite being a double, is too small for us to share comfortably, so Sarah uses that while I'm in the spare room - on what was, to be fair, my bed while I was still in Chelmsford.

Also made a bit of progress on Terry Pratchett's Snuff - despite being ready to give up through sheer boredom around page 100 I stuck with it and now Things Are Happening.

Then Sarah & her mum came back here & we treated her to a meal at the Miller & Carter in Wheathampstead. Lovely place to eat at, highly recommended.

Today we had the morning service - I had no commitments but Sarah was doing the projection. Wilf, a visiting minister from I'm not sure which church, was taking the service - he's doing a lot for us, seeing as we're between ministers at the moment. I like him - he seems like a nice guy, even though he seems to repeat himself quite a bit. But yeah, he was preaching on Jesus as the Bread of Life and how we should be getting out there and offering the bread to people. Kind of relevant to me as I'm pursuing what I believe is my calling/vocation/whatever you want to describe it as.

This afternoon we went to my dad's, the first time we've seen him and Joan since Christmas, after he had his heart problems earlier in the year. He seems to be doing well, and is off about next week to see a friend in North Wales and then to watch cricket in Cardiff. Also, he gave me my belated Christmas present, a haul of DVDs and CDs from across my Amazon wishlist, including in no particular order Sherlock series 2; Chuck season 4; Space: Above and Beyond; one of several James Bond theme tune CDs (this one, I think, has everything up to and including You know my name, but don't quote me on that); the Rondo Veneziano CD with that song I was looking for the other day (well, one of them - it's on Rapsodia Veneziana, which is the tape I've got and the CD that's currently about £23 used and new, and Fantasia Veneziana, which is the one my dad's got me; I'm not sure without checking if it's just the title that's different, or if there are track differences too, but it's definitely got the one I was after); and the rather snazzy CD reissue of the late '70s Doctor Who Sound Effects album, with facsimile sleeve and CD printed to look like a vinyl LP.

So that was nice, we had an enjoyable lunch and a nice time catching up.

On the very sound basis of It's Why I Got It, I took my laptop with and did some writing in the car. I did 1243 words of A Spaceman Came Travelling, which at some point I'll post over on brider_writing. I'm hoping to do 50,000 words, but over 5 months instead of Nanowrimo's one month. Not sure what that works out to per day, but I think I've exceeded it! (Checks: 333 words per day.) Of course, there's always the possibility that I might run out of plot before I get to that many words, in which case I'll just call it a novella.

The first chapter, incidentally, is called Driving Away from Home, and there's a strong possibility that the second may end up being called Sonic Boom Boy.. So a.) the spirit of the Doctor Who New Adventures lives on, and b.) '80s songs! Don't know if I'll keep that up, though... :-)

It's not yet 8:00pm, so hopefully I can do more tidying before the end of the day. :-)

Oh, and is there a "Share" button on the Facebook iPhone app? 'Cos I can't find it. It's a wee bit annoying...

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