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My depression seems to be hitting in. I mean, okay, I've not taken my anti-depressants today, but apart from that I've been keeping up with them nice and regularly lately. My choice of CD for the journey into work this morning wasn't perhaps the best, as it brings back memories of a particularly difficult time of my life. Also, I'd been thinking of Jane* a fair bit this morning, which also didn't help. Been putting some vague thoughts into the possibility of tracking her down and trying to come to some sort of reconciliation thingy. I have those thoughts occasionally.

Also I'm rather worried about a friend of mine who's not replied to any emails for the past couple of years. She was never in the best of health, and I'm a bit concerned for her wellbeing. On the other hand, her website's still live, so presumably that means she (or someone) is paying the web host regularly. So...dunno. A mobile number I had for her is no longer active. I've still got her home number and address. Am petrified about the possibility of 'phoning her (but then am routinely petrified about the idea of 'phoning anybody), but have been giving genuine thought to the possibility of getting into the car and heading down to Thornbury on Sunday or Monday to see if she's okay, and feel quite relaxed about that idea. Admittedly, that could be just because the idea of going anywhere different, even for a few hours, seems Quite A Nice One.

So that's the latest downness. On the other hand, I'm listening to some eps of ISIHAC, which is bringing some pleasant smiles to my face. Also on the bright side, Sarah and I, along with a couple of friends of ours, are going to see this on Saturday. Not looking forward to the late night, admittedly, but even so, it should be fun. And of course, the bank holiday weekend coming up should be a nice opportunity to kick off our shoes and relax. Or do some spring cleaning. Well, summer cleaning. If I don't decide to drive down to Thornbury. o_O

*For newcomers to this LJ, Jane is my ex-wife. We parted acrimoniously, and I've always tended to regard the time she left me as pretty much the root of my depression. Rightly or wrongly.

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