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That was the weekend that was...

...in bullet points.

  • The launch service for the new West Hertfordshire and Borders Circuit, of which HHMC (hmm...our church's website really needs updating...) a part, was yesterday. I'd managed to be roped in to help out by accompanying the scratch choir on keyboards, which I'd been dreading, but in the event the songs proved more than manageable. (Shortly before we left to go to the event, which was in St. Albans, we discovered a voicemail message which had lain undisturbed for over a week suggesting a change to one of the songs; this was very helpful as it was a change from a really convoluted tune to a dead easy one. So yay! for that, but nay! for not getting messages until a week after they're left.) The rest of the afternoon's events were enjoyable. There was cake, which is always enjoyable.

  • Found some fliers for this. Would like to go to their next meet up, which is the day after Sarah and I get back from Spain.

  • Got back from the event to discover that the Sky+, despite the fact that I'm sure I'd told it to record Doctor Who, had simply interpreted that as "remind me it's on" (any suggestions that I pressed the wrong button will, of course, be met with scorn). Thankfully, after a while I managed to iPlayer it and watch it and I enjoyed it hugely, but will be giving it at least one rewatch before next week's episode.

  • This morning was the first service of our new minister, and there was I would say a fairly positive atmosphere all round. It was a communion service, which I always find particularly enjoyable and special and meaningful, and I'd been asked to do one of the readings - I did Luke 4:16 - 22, and the other reading was Acts 2:40 - 47; Jesus' mission statement, and a snapshot of the early life of the first church. Is it terrible to admit that I can't remember exactly what she preached on? But generally I remember agreeing with it at the time, with one exception (I don't think that selling everything and having everything in common is a bad idea, just unappealing for most people in our current society - and I include myself in that, as I'm pretty materialistic by any reasonable standards).

  • Then, we set off up the M1 to Sheffield to meet with blazingskies and pick up with her some paperwork regarding her passport renewal application. Long story, can't exactly remember what the issue is, but Sarah's helping out by taking the application to an office near to us which will be quicker than blazingskies can manage up in Sheffield, which as she and greyfore are joining us in Spain at the end of the month is kind of important to get it done asap.

    We weren't actually in Sheffield for long, but it was nice to meet blazingskies and greyfore, however briefly, and also multiclassgeek, whom we bumped into on the tram (he'd been up in Sheffield for greyfore's stag night). blazingskies and greyfore were going to a spa thing in the afternoon, so we didn't get to spend long with them; we got the coach into Sheffield centre with them, although they got off a couple of stops before us, and then we had a Nando's before heading back to retrieve our car and head back down south.

    I like Sheffield. If we hadn't only recently moved to Hemel, I'd happily live there.

  • The journey back was a bit pants - long stretches of congestion on the M1, and then at one point, where we were virtually at a standstill so I'd rolled the window down for a bit of fresh air (or, as Sarah pointed out, fuel fumes), someone pointed out that we'd got a flat tyre, so we pulled over to the hard shoulder to sort it out. We were soon joined by a couple of helpful Highway Patrol people who gave us probably more help than we really needed (Sarah is capable of changing her tyre herself, but the help, giving how knackered we both were, was appreciated) before we went on our way.

Back home now. A Tesco's fish pie is in the microwave, and I plan on watching a DVD of some description before bedding down for the night. The rest of the week looks set to be fairly busy. I'm looking forward to Friday evening.

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