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  • I need to read - or see - The Continuing Adventures of Soufflé Girl and Chin Boy. Please say there's an LJ comm...

  • In news that should surprise absolutely nobody, WorldCon 2014 will be in London. Guests to include Chris Foss, whose artwork I adore. Must admit, I'm not terribly fussed one way or another about the other guests, although that gives me two years to finally get round to reading at least one Ian M Banks book (and back at EasterCon 2008 I know I bought a copy of Bryan Talbot's Alice in Sunderland, which as he was there I got signed).

  • In related news, Mr. Neil Gaiman we're not worthy picked up a much-deserved Hugo for The Doctor's Wife (well..."much-deserved" is the party line; I've got to admit, I liked it, didn't think it was great, but sort of decided I ought to give it at least one more viewing, which I haven't yet. Must do), and sort of let slip that he's got another DW script in the works. Whether that's for the current split-in-half run of stories, or for the next series, or whatever (which all kind of depends a lot on exactly what's happening to DW transmission in 2013), who knows? But anyway, looking forward to it.

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