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So, yeah...that thing where you realise there's a possibility that you might have found someone who sees the world at least a bit the way you do - and has even written a song about it?

The song is this:

And the evening shadows swoop and fall and lengthen
And we hear the sound of a church bell ringing
And we pass a statue, a black angel flying
And beneath it written names and dates of dying.

Oh your father hated mine and my father killed yours
In the time-honoured fashion of all our time-out-dated wars
For politicians never know and commanders soon forget
That a country is more than the men in its government.

And the history books make sure that traditions last and last
So that we never can forget any injury done in the past
And the quiet people believe that wars can never end
Without knowing that if we linked hands we could make the world a friend.

So now I’ll sing no anthems for death or glory
And I’ll stand beneath no flag, shout no cheers for victory
But I vow that I will live my life in harmony
And teach my children’s children to love my father’s enemy.

I don't know how the tune goes; it might be an awful tuneless dirge for all I know, but anyway. Putting this here as a reminder to myself that when I can justify it, I really really ought to buy the album it's on to at least find out.

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